e-Revenue Gateway

...securing every payment

Our operation is compliant with the strictest PCI Data Security Standards, so by using Switch's libraries for the web or the mobile, you're one step closer to meet PCI requirements.

Our Mission

We deploy the expertise of our well experienc-ed management and core technical staff to develop a range of modular value-added services that will enable all categories of our customers have outstanding services through our various payment channels and get real time report 24/7.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in providing quality merchant services to the payment industry worldwide irrespective of the payment platform.

Customer Success

We aim to create enjoyable experiences for our customers. We focus on solutions that advance growth and reduce operational costs.

Ethical Conduct

We are reasonable professionals who believe honesty, integrity and fair play is key to delivering sustainable benefits to our stakeholders.

What do we do?

Card Issuance

e-RG offers an instant payment card issuance solution to financial institutions where payment cards are produced instantaneously and are activated in a very secure manner in compliance with the PCI DSS requirements.

Switching Service

e-RG Payments switch has full capacity to process prepaid, debit, credit, gift and loyalty card transactions regardless of card scheme or country of origin.

Merchant Service

e-RG offers a suite of comprehensive solutions aimed at processing transactions, increasing revenue generation and expanding consumer base, all within a secure environment.

Knows e-Revenue Gateway and surprise yourself

About us

e-Revenue Gateway (e-RG) is a payment processing and electronic transaction switching company. The company is setup to handle revenue collection with real time reporting and volume processing of prepaid, debit, credit card and EFTPOS transactions.

e-RG was formed by leading and experienced world-class IT firms with the aim of promoting secure payments through Web and PoS, Recurring Billing System, Remittances and Reporting in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. e-RG provides support to automate transactions through these channels and provides links to Banks via multiple interfaces.

e-Revenue Gateway’s success is based on fostering long term innovative partnerships with our stakeholders. Supporting and growing these relationships are key to our future.

Working together is the foundation of our success. Commitment and trust underpin teamwork where everyone has an important contribution to make.

Integrity & Trust are fundamental values in e-Revenue Gateway. It is a basic threshold requirement for all our employees to display high standards of ethical conduct.

Managing diversity in e-Revenue Gateway is valuing everyone as an individual – valuing people as employees, customers and clients.


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